Double Chin be GONE!

Ok so I know this is out of the ordinary for My Art site but, I have to share things that I know people would want and it could help them. SO that being said, how would you like to lose weight by simply drinking a cup a day of coffee?

I am not joking and this is not a typo.


before and after

BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER


Ok so in literally 2 weeks I have lost weight, to the point where my face is thinner and my clothes are loose!!! AND the greatest part about it is that it isn’t full of chemicals! It is safe to use and helps curb cravings! Drink coffee with lots of water through out the day and within a week or two you will see massive results!! If however you don’t you can get your money back! And that I like because if a product isn’t what its cracked up to be we as the consumer should be able to.

Valentus slim roast coffee is an amazing product my friend told me about and her friends have lost weight too!! I will be showing progress in the next few weeks to show you more before and after photos of myself to prove its effective. I have ordered my second bottle because I truly believe in this product and you will too once you get going on it. I have never been more impressed : Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, feel good ingredients and detox components and powered by VASO6™ a Nitric Oxide, Antioxidant Booster for Optimum Circulation & Oxygen delivery. SlimROAST Optimum is the perfect addition to your weight loss management program!
​Along with healthy eating and drinking water this will excel your plans to become a healthier you!!! This is my art website and I know this has nothing to do with art but COME ON this is amazing!!!

NYC Painting that lights up!

Yup I went and did it. I went crazy and did the unthinkable!! This painting has lights! nyc3

I had the idea when I started to paint this, I decided it was time to try something new. And I love the effect! it’s easy to change the batteries the way I have placed the lights within it. I know your thinking did she seriously cut her painting?! Yep, I did. But I think if we don’t try something new then it gets boring. And being an artist it is my job to do something offbeat, edgy and daring.

This painting is currently for sale on my Etsy shop, it took awhile to do this painting and I am pretty proud of it. I hope you guys like it! 🙂

The motto for the day, Dare to be Different than the rest!!!



Glass Half full


When you look at a glass that contains a liquid within it, do you look at it as half full or half empty?

This is an age old question of our own outlook on life. If we believe it to be half full then we are more likely to be positive and if we look at it as half empty then we look at it as a negative.

How about if I said to you, you should be happy to have a glass, never mind the clean water it contains. Now lets get to the thoughts which provoked these responses. When we are told as kids that we should be grateful for everything we have how much of that “what we have”, have we decided was a requirement to be happy? Depending on your parents financial gains we decide from young either we want more of what they had or better.

If our parents were not financially well off did we as kids feel ashamed of our family? Because we didn’t have the latest and greatest of the other kids in school? We decided some how because of what someone else had that they MUST be happy inour minds and from TV that those smiling faces enjoying the new beverage or the new trend that it is what makes people happy.

We decided that in order to get what they have we have to be better at everything. We need to work endless hours because we want it bad and if we show the everyone just how hard we work someone will eventually see this and reward our efforts. But what if our efforts are still not rewarded? What if instead we get fired? we lose our happiness?

Why do we define our happiness in the hands of someone else? Why can’t we just be happy now? who gave them the right to hold on to our happiness and decide when we could have it anyway?

We DECIDE what makes us happy, it isn’t about material things really is it? The fact that you opened your eyes to another day and can see, touch, smell and hear is reason enough to be happy. Now lets add the fact that you are able to read this, you have internet! So when life takes a turn we don’t like remember that ourselves provide the happiness in our lives we can change it or rewrite it or move or get another job, start a business, what ever it is. WE MAKE OUR SELF HAPPY by what we think and believe.

I am going to leave you with this amazing video it is life changing. >



















Laws of life


Laws of life are simple yet can be a complicated balance act of  Being kind, being grateful and loving to all, even our self.  If we can remember these simple laws of life our outlook on life begins to shift. There in fact is no room for negative feelings because when we are grateful it already forces us to see the good around us.

When we go against things that are deeply embedded into our genetics and of our ancestors we change. We go out into the world and make a difference, not to the point of being well known, although some do. But nevertheless, we make marked differences to our family and friends near by and they in turn start to radiate that energy you are showing.

Our minds focus not so much on our own aches and pains  but to helping others and  being grateful. It becomes like a magnet and second nature and it is drawn back to us.

If we are always looking for more and never grateful for what life has provided for us which is basically what we think we deserve. It will up till now have in fact created the environment in which you are presently in.

I didn’t believe it before but now that I think about it hard and in non judgement without added excuses I yes have indeed put myself into the lifestyle I thought I deserved. But now I see that I do have the power to change it, I do deserve to be happy and to want to see more then what is presented to me.

That may be hard if you are dealing with guilt or a tragic past you may think that this is what you deserve and even if you are not happy remain because it is what you believe you can only get.

But once you start to think outside the box and be grateful for everything and are not accepting that situation you are in (because of outside factors) and realize it can be changed, things will indeed change. Remember however the speed in which you think you deserve the change or are ready to accept it is ultimately in coalition with you.

Even Despite the fact that we stretch ourselves out to help others and even to the point we haven’t had time to care about our self, only back fires we end up neglecting the very source of the core that is needed to bring forth these feelings.

Being taken advantage of or even disregarded because no matter what, you are showing people what they can get away with. If you never learn to say no then when you want to do things for you, no time will be left.

The laws of life requires a balance. In the words of the wise,’ Be the reflection of the world you want to see.’ So if you want to relax and be at peace you need to carve out that peace. The dishes can wait, or that friend that needs help with something will have to understand that a half hour to read your favorite book or listen to your favorite CD is a must.

Meditation and clearing your head of all the clutter to start fresh and focus to be calm to tackle what ever comes that day is also I find a life saver. If you have never tried it, please do. 20 mins a day  keeps the mind crisp and clear and at ease, which is essential for heavy jobs such as an entrepreneur or start up. Moms and who ever you are, we all need it.

There is nothing wrong with taking time out for you briefly to regroup and focus on our loved ones among the daily chores.

But if you are having trouble thinking of reasons to be grateful for life think about this, being able to get up in the morning is more then enough reason to be thankful for life. It is a start and we can go from there,  if we can see, smell, touch, we have clothes or a roof on our head all good reasons to be thankful and grateful for life.

If we can even in the worst day be grateful for something we can shift our life to the one we would like to see. Whether it be business adventures or any other dream or ambition it all starts with these basic laws of life, be grateful, be kind and love.

Practice it at first and after a while your mind will shift and it will be an automatic response when life throws daggers at us.



Keep your head in the clouds



I often find people these days are not dreaming big enough. If you dream small then that is what you will obtain? For those who are skeptical look at the many examples around you. How did Oprah get to be a household name? Did she dream small? No I don’t think so.

You may think, ‘yeah right. She was just one of the lucky ones.’ No sorry to say, she dreamed  and in a big way. She wanted to change the world with her views and help people.

To date Oprah Winfrey is worth 2.8 billion USD. < yeah you read that correctly.

So having your head in the clouds and being able to  dream big isn’t a bad thing.  You too can and will also accomplish them. SO are you going to let a few small minded people hold you back from your big dreams?

People often tell me when I tell them some of my ambitions that it is nice to dream but it may not come about.. those people I keep them at arms length.

I think part of being able to dream big is to have others who are like minded and feel the same way. If you have these kind of people in your life you are truly on the path to greatness.

If you don’t then perhaps it is time to adjust our circle of friends. Positive energy creates positive energy.




Programmed… Are you?

A magician is an amazing presenter, he or she presents something to you while you are looking at what they have in fact want you so see. they however are training you to watch one hand while the other is doing something else.

Years ago I took an online psychology course. They gave us a video to watch and I did. I did not see the changes being placed right in front of my eyes because I was too busy watching the guy talking that I did not even notice until I was told to watch it again only look for certain things changing around in the video did I see it. I was amazed! How did I not notice this taking place right in front of me, and then it hit me… we are all trained to believe to a degree the world in which it is presented to us. here is a video to show you what I mean;


Are you looking through glasses in which the presenter wants you to see? How was your childhood? did you get trained to look at life with the glass half full or was it hard and always half empty?

Retraining the brain to look beyond what is presented is challenging but not impossible. Everyday you are presented with life choices and people in front of you, decide if I am going to just accept what life gives me or am I going to be determined to change it. People in my life am I going to just accept the things they give me all the negativity or down play of my lifes ambitions or am I going to change them.

This is ultimately your decision to make. Decide today to make your life a positive one. You hold the keys, so now its time to take them into action.



A Winner Never Quits

Are you a winner? Do take those failures and make them into lessons to carve out your desires?  Self confidence self control and a keen sense of justice and definite sense of plan.

A ship with out a rudder is doomed to failure. Are you a positive respectful pleasing personality?  Do you take responsibility if you fail and cooperate with your efforts as a team?

I want to show the world my perspective through my art. I want to give back to the world the beauty in the things that matter, our loved ones and our future children. Through Illustrations books, charities.  I will make my mark and help those who need it in return. I was born to do this, it is my purpose. What is yours? Write it down.

I am the saleswoman of my services I have to offer, no one can take or make the way in which I will provide my goals and ambitions.

Habit in how we do these things to make a dream a reality is key.

Daily work toward thinking of requiring those goals and making a defined date. And a plan, it may be far fetched and ridiculous but these plans and dreams can in fact become reality and we shouldn’t have to make sacrifices it will come easily if it is a passion and something you love.

Remember that your life is what you make it, you hold the remote… don’t like it? Change the channel.