Beautiful Mama’s

In celebration of Moms everywhere I have created a painting that symbolizes the essence of a powerful independent woman. This painting is truly unique and has a lovely tribal feel to it. Its spirit is undeniable to look at.  It is now available for #mothersday in my Etsy shop online. This painting has so much presence, … More Beautiful Mama’s

New Art For Sale

Two new Paintings for sale!  Couple (first image) is selling for $150CAN 12×16 sizing wrapped canvas An elephant never forgets (second image) is selling for $80 CAN 8×10 flat canvas ready for framing Ships worldwide !!! Message me for details to get your very own painting!!!  or message me via my email

Glass Half full

  When you look at a glass that contains a liquid within it, do you look at it as half full or half empty? This is an age old question of our own outlook on life. If we believe it to be half full then we are more likely to be positive and if we … More Glass Half full

11:11 power

I am not sure if you are aware of what today is? Did you know that it is a special day? Numerologists for example, 11 would reduce to two by adding the digits, but 11 is considered to be “higher” version of two. 11 is “highly charged” and “difficult to handle” according to numerologists who believe … More 11:11 power