I am Happy with what I have, are you?

I am happy now but I wasn’t always. I started out wanting to take the on the world. To conquer everything to rise to the top. But over time those accomplishments that I had done, I was not thinking much of them. I figured go bigger, do bigger, be bigger.

Instead of being grateful that I had carved my way into the publishing business and being an illustrator for others and two publishing companies, I still felt like I hadn’t done enough.

I am now a published author of 4 books and yet still I felt lost I didn’t think much of it. But I was so wrong in my thinking. I have done more than what I set out to do. I accomplished so many of my bucket list items, and can honestly say I worked damn hard to get here.

I haven’t had it easy, life has challenged me every step of the way and I didn’t give up, No I couldn’t give up.

What fueled me was that voice in the back of my mind that kept telling me what had been drilled in my head from abuse from my parents and my ex that I would never amount to anything.

I was determined to prove them wrong, all of them. They tried to choke the life out of me but I was not going to let them. No one had that kind of hold on me, so I thought. And yet I stood there with hundreds of paintings I had done for customers and books I had written just staring at myself in the mirror still feeling like I wasn’t good enough to accept being happy about it.

And then it hit me, you will never be happy unless you are happy right now! If we are always looking for the next thing then the moment is lost on the accomplishment in front of us.

So what I am trying to say is, be happy right now in this moment. Take whatever little wins you get and be grateful for them now, don’t wait until its passed and not appreciate what you have. Apply that kind of mindset and life is not so hard and things we do maybe not a big deal to others but to us it is. Keep on the positives wherever you can find them, no matter how big or how small. It will keep you when you fall into that negative thinking, those voices in the back of your head trying to ruin the present moment.

SO today I am grateful that I have these books published and are out for the world to see, for those paintings I did which is a piece of me.

Be happy in the now,


2019, New year new me? Why I am laughing all the way into the New Year

2019 its upon us. So now you have all these big aspirations and plans right? This year will be different.. this year you are going to lose that weight, eat better, change your job blah blah blah. Sound familiar?

Well, if all you do is get up in the morning and live another day and say you made it then far be it from me to judge you.

We don’t have to aspire just because its a new year, if anything now is the time of reflection. Time to see how far we have come. Pat yourself on the back instead of beating yourself up for all the things you didn’t do. The year has gone by and things have changed. You have changed. Think about the loved ones you met the people around you who impacted your life and made it better. Think about the choices you’ve made and the life you are living now.

The future is the future, it is another day that you haven’t been to yet and you can most definitely change it if you want to, but its up to you and only you and no one can tell you how to get there or what you need to do. Only you can. All these superficial things we worry about are not important, they are time wasters, destroyers of happiness, total bullshit.

Be happy now and in the moment of your day and if you decide you would like to change something, do that and let it be personal to you. Those are the victories that mean anything. The ones that you keep and the ones you decide whatever time of year in which you want to do that. Never mind the stupid photos you see on social media of all the people supposedly doing something… in a month they will have given up just like they do every year. Trust me on that I have seen it a thousand times. I can see it now everyone in march (being generous here) asking to cancel there memberships lol.

SO, be kind to yourself.  No one cares at the end of the day what it is you have done because it is not them, care about it because YOU want to do it because it matters to YOU. If anyone sees it and praises you, bonus! But otherwise stop worrying about everyone else and what they are doing that you aren’t. People these days are so self absorbed it wont matter in a month anyway.  Instead just be kind, be thoughtful, don’t hurt anyone and live your life that makes you happy ❤


Swinging moods? How to get off them

From one day to the next is a totally different circumstance a new challenge to face. A thing to over come.

This quote says it all by Orville Wright ‘if we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true, there would be little hope of advance.’

In our world we are constantly effected by the people around us and our environment. Perhaps we don’t like where we live or the people we live with can work a last nerve at times or maybe we are in a job we don’t really want to be in. Its all relative to how we feel inside.

When you wake what are your habits? do you stir slowly from your bed and dread the day? Do you think that the coffee will be able to turn it all around?

Well I am sorry to say if you do any of these you will still have a rotten day. Because no matter what the very first thought that came into your head this morning was negative.You already planned out to just get by and survive and not see it as a potential for an amazing opportunity to learn something new or take on a new goal.

How can we change that? since the first moment you woke you were already programmed as eww its Monday I have to work and pay for life.

Here are some helpful tips to get off that mood swing monday roller coaster.

  1. Set your alarm to a favorite tune.
  2. Decide before you even open your eyes that today no matter what challenge you will be successful.
  3. Stretch out your body. When those feet hit the floor make sure to warm up that body with a few bends to touch the toes and twists at the waist. If you feel good your mind will follow.
  4. Eat something before coffee. (yes I know most of us only have coffee as fuel but it does not help with moods)
  5. Dress for success. Whether you feel good or not when you dress in something that you think makes you look nice, your mood is boosted.
  6. Read the funny pages, or knock knock jokes online! yes it sounds silly but it gets the giggles going and helps with mood as well.
  7. Help someone else feel better if they are feeling sad in your house by reading the jokes aloud for everyone to hear. It changes the dynamics of the house really fast. Tested an approved, it does work!

So no matter your circumstances for work, life, love or where you live, get up every morning with a decision to be happy and positive and it will radiate through out your day and to others.