Price List for portraits

Lizzywhothefunkc Creations Facebook page Price List. 2016 Effective immediately.
Paintings are what I do, Interested? Look here for affordable pricing for your next work of art! Custom acrylic paintings of your Pet, person or thing!
Look for examples on my page or here even! lots to see. Message for your very own (please note that pricing for extremely detailed paintings will add cost to labor)
*Please remember these are hand painted detailed fine art gallery quality paintings. Hours of labor goes into each one and you cannot buy this in stores, it is not a poster replica it is a work of art to cherish forever.

They are all unique and one of a kind made special of your pet.

SHIPS WORLDWIDE                       cropped-threepainting.jpg

*pricing is based on One pet portraits*
CAN funds SKETCH (art paper) 8.5×10- $25
Flat Canvas (canvas board) *for framing – not included.
5×7- $25
8×10- $45
9×12- $55
11×14- $65
12×16- $75
*Remember to message me afterward with your email address so that I can get your photo to start it right away!*        
Wrapped canvas: *smaller than 16×20 is the same pricing as the flat canvas”
” 16×20- $135 “
” 18×18- $145 ”
” 18×24- $150
regular style wood panels- are solid wood canvases.
5×7- $45 ”
” 6×6- $50 ”
” 8X10- $60 ”
” 10X10- $65 ”
” 16X20- $135
*All works of art are Sealed with Krylon Matte Finish. It is a permanent, Protective coating. Eliminates a glossy sheen, non-yellowing Moisture resistant
Click on the link here to buy it instantly a 16×20 wrapped canvas of your pet!
remember to message me right after with your photo!