Be Moved by the Movement

I often look around at my surroundings and ask myself what do I need to do to get people thinking?

Well, one thing I can do as an artist is to help engage and enlighten people through my work. I think about the type of work that I do. I use these mediums to get involved in things that move me and make me feel something. I radiate that out and in return, I hope that like-minded people will return to me.

Well, the latest few stories I have been working on have done just that. The latest illustration, the Book called The power of One. It even sounds amazing. It’s through my art that brings the story to life to interpret it to the audience. I am looking to create something that is not just a story no, it is something that will change the world.

The author is the one who has that ability to draw in the audience and with powerful words give the reader that grip on what it is they themselves can do.

This book along with my other illustration for the Book Aware Bear is the type of substance that will stimulate the young minds of tomorrow.

I believe that in order to work at something it needs to have a purpose a greater good.  Working towards things like these are the keys to self-satisfaction that no amount of money can cover. It’s doing things we are passionate about.

And I find that if we are motivated by it. We, in turn, do our best work as well. It is reflected in everything we do. If money is the only motivation it will usually lose itself somewhere along the line because it lacks the more important picture. Being able to help others.

SO when choosing illustrations for books or projects we must always have that passion and feel a certain strong connection to it and that way half way through the job we won’t just rush through to get to the end of it. Not only that money will come more to us if we worry less about that and more about helping others. Sure we all need to get paid but don’t we all do a much better job of something if we stand behind it?

It has to have a meaning to us as well. Ultimately it will have a deeper satisfaction for our own self-worth. And that is priceless.



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Keep your head in the clouds



I often find people these days are not dreaming big enough. If you dream small then that is what you will obtain? For those who are skeptical look at the many examples around you. How did Oprah get to be a household name? Did she dream small? No I don’t think so.

You may think, ‘yeah right. She was just one of the lucky ones.’ No sorry to say, she dreamed  and in a big way. She wanted to change the world with her views and help people.

To date Oprah Winfrey is worth 2.8 billion USD. < yeah you read that correctly.

So having your head in the clouds and being able to  dream big isn’t a bad thing.  You too can and will also accomplish them. SO are you going to let a few small minded people hold you back from your big dreams?

People often tell me when I tell them some of my ambitions that it is nice to dream but it may not come about.. those people I keep them at arms length.

I think part of being able to dream big is to have others who are like minded and feel the same way. If you have these kind of people in your life you are truly on the path to greatness.

If you don’t then perhaps it is time to adjust our circle of friends. Positive energy creates positive energy.




The Prize

In becoming receptive
we are changing our perspective

The prize is not whether we win or lose
But to see life in starry eyes of innocence
not of fools

To listen to the quiet
of things where nothing can be bought

To forego the trained beliefs
Of worlds programmed thoughts

Thinking we are at there mercy
so blind and cant see

Nature has many gifts
we always seem to miss

L. Campbell

Life is not what we were programmed to believe.
From young at the age of five we begin to be programmed, in what is right in what is considered “normal” and I use quotations because it’s everyone’s individual life experiences that creates this “normal” for them.
 Life is about listening to words unspoken and energies that create a magnet for something beyond our comprehension.
Sometimes we have to get rid of the noise, turn off the TV the phone and yes even the computer and close our eyes  breathe and begin to feel what it is like to not be on call as it were with the world.
With everything in life it is stressful being plugged in all the time. Our relationships have to be on social media display for people to recognize your Normal.
If you don’t or are single for any length of time, people begin to suspect you may not be Normal so they try and set you up on blind dates so you can become once again what everyone expects.
I think in this day and age we expect too much of others. We need to internalize and reflect a life that makes us happy and stop concerning ourselves with what is perceived as normal.
I really think the world would be a better place if we just minded our own businesses and lived and saw things with eyes of innocence and joy in the little things.
Tomorrow as you step out your door, remember to look up at the clouds or the rain or the birds flying and soak in what the concrete world has  tried so desperately to close off.