Drum roll please!!! I am so excited to present to you my Children’s book Published by Pen it! Publications, LLC!!   This has been a long time coming. I am so grateful and humbled to see my book in my hands. I have been illustrating now for awhile and I got the writing bug to do my own children’s story.

I always wanted to create my own, but I had no idea what to write about. I was determined to become published this year, it was a goal of mine. I got it into my head that it was possible and so I put it out there and let it go.

I was hanging out with my friend one day and we kept running around to try and get stuff done and we had forgotten something. We burst out laughing and said ‘ its one of those days!’ I joked and said you know this would make a funny book and my friend looked at me and said yes it would.

Funny how things like this have a tendency to just come out of nowhere. I sat down to write it and it flowed!

That’s the amazing thing when its meant to be, its spontaneous and that’s usually when its your best work because you aren’t overthinking it to death.  Because believe me I was trying to think of something unusual and it wasn’t happening, but the second I forgot about it and relaxed that it would eventually find its way to me BOOM there it was!!

Like a lightning bolt, I saw the cover and how I wanted it to look. And here it is!!! My first very own Illustrated and written book. There will be more now I assure you, but they will all be different. Because I never do things the same as everyone else!

Please take the time to enjoy this book with your kids, this is about single moms doing it all for there kids and even though we forget we have fun along the way!

Copy and Paste this link to get a copy of your very own on Amazon.com 🙂 ❤


And thank you to all those of you who have already! My heart is so full of love right now I am so so grateful!!! You are all so amazing and precious to me. MY FORGETFUL MOM



Getting it out there

Sometimes when we see others doing things we wish we could do it too. We have fears that hold us back however. What if no one likes it? what if I don’t make any money?

These are all things that stop us from truly living. If we waited for perfect moments to come about to make things happen we would end up with nothing and our dreams would be put on hold forever.  Sometimes we need to just get it out there. So what if it isn’t perfect or it isn’t the trend, the point is it is what we need to do to fulfill our lives.

Putting it out there for everyone to see proves that we can accomplish things and dreams we have envisioned for our own pleasure. Does it really matter what anyone else thinks of what you have done? No All that matters is what you think. Are you happy at the end of the day. Do you feel satisfied with your accomplishments in life?

I wanted to be an author and illustrator. I decided this in my head. I had no idea how to do it or how I was going to accomplish it. But the idea and the determination was there. SO now after a few years of doing illustrations for people and getting a few books out there I decided to become an author. I had written poetry over the years and thought you know what I am gonna put it out there. I know its not perfect and I self published it on Amazon but you know what I DID IT! And now that the fear is out of my head I am writing a Children’s  book of my own and I am illustrating it. I can do anything I decide. Some way some how if you want to get out there and do something, just get the fear and toss it aside and do it. Because the feeling of having the books that I have illustrated out there from other authors and now a book I have in my hand that has my name on it, I can’t tell you how much confidence it gives me to go more and do more.

SO get out there and do it!!! You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish!



My first GIF!

This is my very first attempt to create movement in my artwork. I taught myself this simple procedure. I will be working on more complex images but this is a huge triumph for me. It may be simple but it shows me I can do anything I put my eye on. Pardon the pun lol.

I hope this inspires others to go do what they want to without the idea you have to only learn things one way. There is so much out there that you can learn on your own if you want to.  #ANIMATION #GRAPHICART #ART #GIF



New Illustrators Let me Help you.

So I have been thinking, I want to help you. Yes, you. I want to share whatever tips and knowledge I can give because as a self-taught artist I have had to go many different directions to figure out what works.

I don’t want you to have to do so much guesswork to getting where you need to be.

SO I decided to share a few of my secrets with you. Want to know how I get customers?

Of course, you do well I am on Kijiji ads quite a bit. And facebook too. In order to get the jobs, you have to find them. A lot of people feel overwhelmed when choosing an illustrator or artist. Why not give them your information when you see an ad for one. It never hurts to try, if they don’t like your style that’s ok too, that is why there are so many of us. Because we all produce something unique to the author. So don’t get discouraged!

A lot of people feel overwhelmed when choosing an illustrator or artist. Why not give them your information when you see an ad for one. It never hurts to try, if they don’t like your style that’s ok too, that is why there are so many of us. Because we all produce something unique to the author. So don’t get discouraged!

And the best way for someone to see you is to be on a lot of different sites. You never know who will be watching or stumble across your profile on the internet so make sure you have plenty. It is work, yes to keep them updated or posting regularly but when you get customers approaching you to inquire you will be happy you did! 🙂

I hope you get something out of this article because as an artist I am not in competition with anyone. I want us all to succeed. So go get those sales!




Tales of the Aware Bear

So nice to see this book Now available!! Here’s the links below to purchase this awesome inspiring book.  I had so much fun illustrating this book for Ryan Belo. Will be a second one on the way at a later date too!


What’s it about? Cub’s curiosity about life, sparks the question who am I?. Mama bear answers his question with wisdom and love.

A wonderful way to connect us with nature and the universe.

Ryanbelocover001whitefont water

Be Moved by the Movement

I often look around at my surroundings and ask myself what do I need to do to get people thinking?

Well, one thing I can do as an artist is to help engage and enlighten people through my work. I think about the type of work that I do. I use these mediums to get involved in things that move me and make me feel something. I radiate that out and in return, I hope that like-minded people will return to me.

Well, the latest few stories I have been working on have done just that. The latest illustration, the Book called The power of One. It even sounds amazing. It’s through my art that brings the story to life to interpret it to the audience. I am looking to create something that is not just a story no, it is something that will change the world.

The author is the one who has that ability to draw in the audience and with powerful words give the reader that grip on what it is they themselves can do.

This book along with my other illustration for the Book Aware Bear is the type of substance that will stimulate the young minds of tomorrow.

I believe that in order to work at something it needs to have a purpose a greater good.  Working towards things like these are the keys to self-satisfaction that no amount of money can cover. It’s doing things we are passionate about.

And I find that if we are motivated by it. We, in turn, do our best work as well. It is reflected in everything we do. If money is the only motivation it will usually lose itself somewhere along the line because it lacks the more important picture. Being able to help others.

SO when choosing illustrations for books or projects we must always have that passion and feel a certain strong connection to it and that way half way through the job we won’t just rush through to get to the end of it. Not only that money will come more to us if we worry less about that and more about helping others. Sure we all need to get paid but don’t we all do a much better job of something if we stand behind it?

It has to have a meaning to us as well. Ultimately it will have a deeper satisfaction for our own self-worth. And that is priceless.



Raise the Ruff!


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