Second Book – Nanny Bananny

Drum roll please… Well I did another book despite having little to no time! I am very grateful to my traditional Publisher for picking this up!

People often ask me what the differences is between publishers, when I say traditional it means I do not pay to have my book published. The publisher picks it up meaning they do all the work! I wrote it and illustrated it and that’s where it ends, and I love that fact. Newer Publishers expect you to fork out money for your book. SO a tip for all you aspiring authors, try and find a traditional publisher, its cheaper and yes they get some of the profits but remember they are forking out the money in the first place so if you don’t have thousands of dollars to publish a book this is the best way to do it.

Back to my children’s book, This book was inspired by a funny story about a lady who wore a yellow full snowsuit and everyone called her a banana, but it looked really good on her… so I used my imagination to branch off of that. Its funny where the original ideas come from and the story isn’t anything like the concept.

That’s the wonderful thing about having a wild imagination, you never know what will come of it. I hope you all find this book hilarious and share with your friends. Kids will probably (if they haven’t already) start calling there grandma nana banana for a while too, its funny and silly so hopefully they won’t mind.

The story itself set in the city and nanny gets her costume stuck so she has no choice but to walk around town wearing it. You can only imagine the issues she has come about with that!

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Cheers! ❤

Childrens book- Bumble Berry ‘Pop’

If you are lucky enough to do what you love why wouldn’t you?

Here is my latest greatest accomplishment, an illustrators dream. A children’s book that not only is a wonderful story but it has such a warm, friendly and lovable characters it was hard not to love creating this.

Penny Beevor, located in Hamilton ON Canada gave me the pleasure of creating her illustrations for her second book. She wanted to help children fall in love with reading by engaging illustrations and full page colorful ways to pull in the audience. I hope that I have done it justice.

Penny has been kind enough to add my name to the front cover as the illustrator as well which is an honor. This is my very first Children’s book so I want to give it the special recognition it deserves. Because their will be so many more to come!

Will be available for sale in print form on Amazon soon and I will post the link so you can grab one for your kids!!! This will delight all ages young and old as the story is really well written and a very thoughtful plot line.

We need more books like these for our little ones!!!  Thank you Penny for sharing with the world your wonderful stories!!