Give your business a fighting chance!

Okay so most of you are looking to market your business, brand it and get ahead. So I am passing along a gem of information that I recieved from Francis Albloa who is one of the top fortune companies number 281 in fact for this year. I learned this over the weekend as I was in the 3 day seminar in Toronto for the unleash the secret event with multimillionares Bob Proctor and Raymond Aaron .

Here is 21 productivity tools to help you.

1. No quit. Motion beats meditation, only action creates results. So don’t stop!!!!

2. a way to manage your work.

3. – this will take the best of a book and give you 12 mins of information about the book you choose. Pretty cool right?

4. this I’d say is the most valuable tool yet. It tracks your time on your tasks. Time is money!

5. will transcribe audio files into written form. Great for meetings!!

6. this is a cheaper version on rev for speech to text.

7. this I have to say is awesome!!!! It gives you professional graphics for designer ads for all your advertising needs. I have tried it, and I love it.

8. upload a project on here and graphic artists will compete to be give you the best design for logos, book covers or other designs. Craziness!

9. videomaker library of designer videos for your business simply click and drop to add word to it.

10. this sweet tool removes any background!!!! Wow.

11. Godaddy auctions to find your perfect domain name! Brand names can be cheap to expensive depending on what you choose.

12. for landing pages! Check it out!

13. if your looking for workers it’s basically the reverse version of

14. find all kinds of professional artists to do various jobs. Just advertise and they will come to you.

15. This is a valuable resource for a marketing mind. It’s a bit crude but crazy insightful ways to marketing.

16. Facebook ads! You must check this out. They have detailed it so you can target right to people in a hotel room! Nuts!!

17. Facebook groups. Seems to be the way Facebook is going. They are sneakily making it harder and harder to get engagements on your page because they want you to pay for ads. So build up your groups now to have better engaged audiences.

18. Site called leverage content. You can basically take one video and chop it up into podcast or whatever different social media platforms you want.

19. post on multiple social media accounts at once. Big time saver.

20. this is crazy you can text your customers in a two way scalable business texting format.

21. this is crazyyyyy.
So this super tool takes LinkedIn members and looks for phone numbers and emails to form a list so you can email them.

So there you have it! 💪


Fear, a powerful voice

Energies: whether its negative or positive which ever is stronger, it will bring it to you.

Fear is a powerful negative and it is strong and it creates things we dont want.

I saw something and I feared it would happen and it did.

Whatever you give the most power to, the things that drive your logic and actions is what will ultimately affect your future.

So how do we turn that off? How do we calm this into an empowering perspective?

By remembering that the brain is only protecting what it doesnt know and has implanted this fear to stop you from doing something else.

Obviously dont jump off the bridge if you don’t have safety gear, that’s not what I mean, lol.

If the brain doesn’t know the outcome it will inject fear and doubt and will tell you to stop it. Its programmed to keep you happy but if it doesn’t know that it will cause because its a new experience, it will try to stop you.

That is when you know you need to get past this fear and continue so that you dont feed it. Don’t buy into fear.

So the next time you come into a new job or new idea for a book and fearing the outcome because its unfamiliar territory, remember that on the otherside of fear is something potentially amazing!

And so I have even though I am not sure of the outcome of things have decided on making my Herbaceous book into a series. I’m just gonna try and see what happens. Eek, gotta try otherwise we will always wonder. I would rather say I tried it and it didn’t work then saying I wish I did that!


I am Happy with what I have, are you?

I am happy now but I wasn’t always. I started out wanting to take the on the world. To conquer everything to rise to the top. But over time those accomplishments that I had done, I was not thinking much of them. I figured go bigger, do bigger, be bigger.

Instead of being grateful that I had carved my way into the publishing business and being an illustrator for others and two publishing companies, I still felt like I hadn’t done enough.

I am now a published author of 4 books and yet still I felt lost I didn’t think much of it. But I was so wrong in my thinking. I have done more than what I set out to do. I accomplished so many of my bucket list items, and can honestly say I worked damn hard to get here.

I haven’t had it easy, life has challenged me every step of the way and I didn’t give up, No I couldn’t give up.

What fueled me was that voice in the back of my mind that kept telling me what had been drilled in my head from abuse from my parents and my ex that I would never amount to anything.

I was determined to prove them wrong, all of them. They tried to choke the life out of me but I was not going to let them. No one had that kind of hold on me, so I thought. And yet I stood there with hundreds of paintings I had done for customers and books I had written just staring at myself in the mirror still feeling like I wasn’t good enough to accept being happy about it.

And then it hit me, you will never be happy unless you are happy right now! If we are always looking for the next thing then the moment is lost on the accomplishment in front of us.

So what I am trying to say is, be happy right now in this moment. Take whatever little wins you get and be grateful for them now, don’t wait until its passed and not appreciate what you have. Apply that kind of mindset and life is not so hard and things we do maybe not a big deal to others but to us it is. Keep on the positives wherever you can find them, no matter how big or how small. It will keep you when you fall into that negative thinking, those voices in the back of your head trying to ruin the present moment.

SO today I am grateful that I have these books published and are out for the world to see, for those paintings I did which is a piece of me.

Be happy in the now,


Video games are not to blame.

While some claim video games are the cause of violence I can honestly and matter of factly disagree.

I play video games myself. Like Destiny 2, Crackdown 3, Forza horizon 4, amongst other games.

I can say with all certainty I am not a violent person.

I do this as a pass time to decompress from the day of stressful life situations.

Video games for most people is a recreation, a hobby or passion. I know gamers too who play and they have jobs and family and lives outside of it.

Many agree it is a time to relax and get your aggravations out on the game. It’s fun, its frustrating at times, but it’s also rewarding too.

To be on the extremely cautious parent level, I have to say for me as a parent I do regularly check and talk about violence and gaming with my children. Gaming as a parent of kids who play I actively monitor what they play.


Well Of course I wouldn’t allow them to play games that are not AGE appropriate and they know that asking me will only result in a ‘no not till your older’ answer. Because there mind is not equipped to handle some of the adult content, example; sex and mature situations within the games that are rated 18+.

But when we are talking about someone who is not well mentally and they play this it makes no difference to the reality that they are unwell and no Matter what games they watch or engage in they are the issue not the game itself.

A parent who knows that there is an issue with the child like mental health they themselves need to take those precautions that some dont decipher which is reality and which is not. And that comes down to parenting, not the game itself.

Ultimately if we are to begin picking on something it should have to do with not enough resources for the people who are in need of mental health facilities.

Point the blame where it belongs, we need less wait times for people wanting counseling, for police to be educated more on mental health, for more educated doctors and teachers who care and put the patient or student in the right hands when those flags appear.

Blaming Games itself is not where the problem lies. It’s a distraction from what needs to be done.

A New book and Author interview

Link to my interview ;

So pleased to be recently asked to do an author review from a well known reviewer Fiona McVie.

After adding her recently on Facebook I was asked to do it. And since I have my new book out I thought it fitting and perfectly timed.

This new book is sure to get the imagination of young minds in what I am hoping to be a series of stories of adventures with the two likeable characters in not only just children’s but I am hoping to have a youth book as well as a comic eventually.

This is my fourth and not last book! I am so happy to do something that will make children’s faces light up. The thought of a child loving my books is what I aspire to do. I am eternally grateful and happy to share my books with others. Soon to be audio. Just as soon as I figure it out lol.

Happy reading everyone!


Heres the link :

Add a little self challenge if you please

I have been in a mental slump. Not a creative slump but I felt as though things weren’t moving as well as I would like them to be and no matter what someone tell you, you are the worst critic.

Sometimes life happens I get that, but in retrospect, it always does. Life doesn’t stop or give you a break because you can’t take it. No life is really crappy and hard and being an adult with constant worry and responsibility is all part of the fun. But how we decide to embrace those life challenges and how we react to it will either stop you or fuel you to carry on.

For my well being I needed to get away for a while to gauge things and reset. So, back in November I went to the UK to clear my head, meet some old friends and ultimately get some perspective about my life and the direction I wanted it to go.

It was an amazing experience, and if you have never gone alone on a trip I advise it highly. It shakes your core and wakes you up! And the wonderful thing about going alone is that you don’t have to wait for anyone and if you want to go somewhere you can! lol

While there I explored and thought long and hard about all I had done everything I wanted to do so far with my own personal goals and ambitions. But I also realized that I was not challenging myself in the correct manner.

What do I mean? well I put my self in constant states of stress adding more and more projects to keep my head spinning, but what was I doing to grow creatively on a personal level?

We all are looking for that almighty dollar yes, but what are we doing to help that on our own scale of things? Are we improving our craft? or are we simply regurgitating what we already know and can do well?

If you are good at what you do then why change it? It’s not about changing it. More like it is a continual flex and practice so that you can make it better!

So I decided that no matter how busy I get I will always make time to challenge myself daily to improve.

Whether it is sketching once a day for yourself or writing a poem or page in your book or walking everyday etc. It is about fine tuning the you to make a better version of yourself.

We can easily get lost with work and responsibilities. But it is also our job to maintain our core so that we always shine bright even when the world isn’t.

You will be happier and the ones you love will see it and feel that too. SO what you do as a personal challenge for yourself will make you better and keep the creative juices flowing and flexing that ever present muscle.


Concept Artist and how you get into the business!

I often get ideas for various artworks and such but rarely do I get the opportunity to follow through, just because my other work obligations tends to demand a lot of my time.

I however decided to put one concept idea into reality mainly because I found it challenging and wanted to see the extent of my idea and where I wanted to go with it.

Creativity has no limits so I embarked on what was only a small idea and it grew from there. Not sure if I will do anything with this now but I did thoroughly enjoy the process that I am starting to look into working on upgrading my skills and knowledge into concept art and all that it entails.

It may seem on the surface easy enough, but trust me when I say it really isn’t.

Concept art is used to visualize ideas and bring not only the character but the whole idea behind the character. The environment in which it resides its vehicles and other essentials behind it.

Not only are you giving this visual idea but also you have to be quite detailed. What weapons will they use how will it move, what will take place. What are the characters personality features, can you do multiple views of the same character, front, back, side etc. Some may even want to see what it would look like jumping or other positions to really get a handle on how the character moves.

Learning these things and creating the character in different positions with the massive attention to detail will get you noticed.

What education do you need? Well when it comes down to it, its all about what you can produce. So if you have a university degree or you are self taught its all on what you can present.

Practice is essential and skill will come from the more of it you do and learn. I have been lucky so far because as a illustrator for children’s books you have to be able to make the same character move in various positions.

So one of the greatest skills to have is the ability to do atomically correct characters in any position. So I would start off by practicing. It’s a very competitive business to get into and there are some fantastic artists out there but remember not everyone has your style either, so don’t get discouraged!

Put your artwork on places like Behance and Artstation and more to get people to notice you and your abilities, the more places you have your art the better the opportunity arises to get noticed and get a chance to work with a company who appreciates what you have to offer!

Good luck!