Custom artwork is what I specialize in. I work from your photo or detailed descriptions of visions. I am also an Illustrator for books, covers etc. I am a painter, I have painted various unusual projects such as Figurines, Toy boxes, wood panels, guitar etc.

I am familiar with Prototype sketching. Sketching portraits and other objects is second nature to me.

I work on Pet portraits of dogs cats horses people, cars or trucks etc. I have no problem changing backgrounds or modifying images to fit either larger or smaller.

I am a self-taught artist, took a course on photoshop CS5 and am upgrading constantly on my own learning unique techniques. I have taken a course on modern art online. I am learning new things constantly to keep up with today’s art. I am an experienced painter I have years of experience through repetition and constant practice which keeps me sharp.

I am familiar with Inkscape which is a version of illustrator, works very well in comparison to adobe.  I am a writer, I write not only social media content to engage with my audience I also create poetry and am writing a story part time when I get the time.

So if you have an unusual project and need an artistic person to bring it to life, look no further. Message me today lizard423@hotmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you. Namaste,

L. J Campbell

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