Give your business a fighting chance!

Okay so most of you are looking to market your business, brand it and get ahead. So I am passing along a gem of information that I recieved from Francis Albloa who is one of the top fortune companies number 281 in fact for this year. I learned this over the weekend as I was in the 3 day seminar in Toronto for the unleash the secret event with multimillionares Bob Proctor and Raymond Aaron .

Here is 21 productivity tools to help you.

1. No quit. Motion beats meditation, only action creates results. So don’t stop!!!!

2. a way to manage your work.

3. – this will take the best of a book and give you 12 mins of information about the book you choose. Pretty cool right?

4. this I’d say is the most valuable tool yet. It tracks your time on your tasks. Time is money!

5. will transcribe audio files into written form. Great for meetings!!

6. this is a cheaper version on rev for speech to text.

7. this I have to say is awesome!!!! It gives you professional graphics for designer ads for all your advertising needs. I have tried it, and I love it.

8. upload a project on here and graphic artists will compete to be give you the best design for logos, book covers or other designs. Craziness!

9. videomaker library of designer videos for your business simply click and drop to add word to it.

10. this sweet tool removes any background!!!! Wow.

11. Godaddy auctions to find your perfect domain name! Brand names can be cheap to expensive depending on what you choose.

12. for landing pages! Check it out!

13. if your looking for workers it’s basically the reverse version of

14. find all kinds of professional artists to do various jobs. Just advertise and they will come to you.

15. This is a valuable resource for a marketing mind. It’s a bit crude but crazy insightful ways to marketing.

16. Facebook ads! You must check this out. They have detailed it so you can target right to people in a hotel room! Nuts!!

17. Facebook groups. Seems to be the way Facebook is going. They are sneakily making it harder and harder to get engagements on your page because they want you to pay for ads. So build up your groups now to have better engaged audiences.

18. Site called leverage content. You can basically take one video and chop it up into podcast or whatever different social media platforms you want.

19. post on multiple social media accounts at once. Big time saver.

20. this is crazy you can text your customers in a two way scalable business texting format.

21. this is crazyyyyy.
So this super tool takes LinkedIn members and looks for phone numbers and emails to form a list so you can email them.

So there you have it! 💪


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