Fear, a powerful voice

Energies: whether its negative or positive which ever is stronger, it will bring it to you.

Fear is a powerful negative and it is strong and it creates things we dont want.

I saw something and I feared it would happen and it did.

Whatever you give the most power to, the things that drive your logic and actions is what will ultimately affect your future.

So how do we turn that off? How do we calm this into an empowering perspective?

By remembering that the brain is only protecting what it doesnt know and has implanted this fear to stop you from doing something else.

Obviously dont jump off the bridge if you don’t have safety gear, that’s not what I mean, lol.

If the brain doesn’t know the outcome it will inject fear and doubt and will tell you to stop it. Its programmed to keep you happy but if it doesn’t know that it will cause because its a new experience, it will try to stop you.

That is when you know you need to get past this fear and continue so that you dont feed it. Don’t buy into fear.

So the next time you come into a new job or new idea for a book and fearing the outcome because its unfamiliar territory, remember that on the otherside of fear is something potentially amazing!

And so I have even though I am not sure of the outcome of things have decided on making my Herbaceous book into a series. I’m just gonna try and see what happens. Eek, gotta try otherwise we will always wonder. I would rather say I tried it and it didn’t work then saying I wish I did that!


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