Swinging moods? How to get off them

From one day to the next is a totally different circumstance a new challenge to face. A thing to over come.

This quote says it all by Orville Wright ‘if we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true, there would be little hope of advance.’

In our world we are constantly effected by the people around us and our environment. Perhaps we don’t like where we live or the people we live with can work a last nerve at times or maybe we are in a job we don’t really want to be in. Its all relative to how we feel inside.

When you wake what are your habits? do you stir slowly from your bed and dread the day? Do you think that the coffee will be able to turn it all around?

Well I am sorry to say if you do any of these you will still have a rotten day. Because no matter what the very first thought that came into your head this morning was negative.You already planned out to just get by and survive and not see it as a potential for an amazing opportunity to learn something new or take on a new goal.

How can we change that? since the first moment you woke you were already programmed as eww its Monday I have to work and pay for life.

Here are some helpful tips to get off that mood swing monday roller coaster.

  1. Set your alarm to a favorite tune.
  2. Decide before you even open your eyes that today no matter what challenge you will be successful.
  3. Stretch out your body. When those feet hit the floor make sure to warm up that body with a few bends to touch the toes and twists at the waist. If you feel good your mind will follow.
  4. Eat something before coffee. (yes I know most of us only have coffee as fuel but it does not help with moods)
  5. Dress for success. Whether you feel good or not when you dress in something that you think makes you look nice, your mood is boosted.
  6. Read the funny pages, or knock knock jokes online! yes it sounds silly but it gets the giggles going and helps with mood as well.
  7. Help someone else feel better if they are feeling sad in your house by reading the jokes aloud for everyone to hear. It changes the dynamics of the house really fast. Tested an approved, it does work!

So no matter your circumstances for work, life, love or where you live, get up every morning with a decision to be happy and positive and it will radiate through out your day and to others.



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