The Prize

In becoming receptive
we are changing our perspective

The prize is not whether we win or lose
But to see life in starry eyes of innocence
not of fools

To listen to the quiet
of things where nothing can be bought

To forego the trained beliefs
Of worlds programmed thoughts

Thinking we are at there mercy
so blind and cant see

Nature has many gifts
we always seem to miss

L. Campbell

Life is not what we were programmed to believe.
From young at the age of five we begin to be programmed, in what is right in what is considered “normal” and I use quotations because it’s everyone’s individual life experiences that creates this “normal” for them.
 Life is about listening to words unspoken and energies that create a magnet for something beyond our comprehension.
Sometimes we have to get rid of the noise, turn off the TV the phone and yes even the computer and close our eyes  breathe and begin to feel what it is like to not be on call as it were with the world.
With everything in life it is stressful being plugged in all the time. Our relationships have to be on social media display for people to recognize your Normal.
If you don’t or are single for any length of time, people begin to suspect you may not be Normal so they try and set you up on blind dates so you can become once again what everyone expects.
I think in this day and age we expect too much of others. We need to internalize and reflect a life that makes us happy and stop concerning ourselves with what is perceived as normal.
I really think the world would be a better place if we just minded our own businesses and lived and saw things with eyes of innocence and joy in the little things.
Tomorrow as you step out your door, remember to look up at the clouds or the rain or the birds flying and soak in what the concrete world has  tried so desperately to close off.

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