Programmed… Are you?

A magician is an amazing presenter, he or she presents something to you while you are looking at what they have in fact want you so see. they however are training you to watch one hand while the other is doing something else.

Years ago I took an online psychology course. They gave us a video to watch and I did. I did not see the changes being placed right in front of my eyes because I was too busy watching the guy talking that I did not even notice until I was told to watch it again only look for certain things changing around in the video did I see it. I was amazed! How did I not notice this taking place right in front of me, and then it hit me… we are all trained to believe to a degree the world in which it is presented to us. here is a video to show you what I mean;


Are you looking through glasses in which the presenter wants you to see? How was your childhood? did you get trained to look at life with the glass half full or was it hard and always half empty?

Retraining the brain to look beyond what is presented is challenging but not impossible. Everyday you are presented with life choices and people in front of you, decide if I am going to just accept what life gives me or am I going to be determined to change it. People in my life am I going to just accept the things they give me all the negativity or down play of my lifes ambitions or am I going to change them.

This is ultimately your decision to make. Decide today to make your life a positive one. You hold the keys, so now its time to take them into action.



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