Paying it forward. Even when no one is watching…

If you didn’t know by now I do charity work for animals by donating my painting services to raise money when I can.

If you are local in Oshawa  or Ontario I would urge you to check them out.

They help so many animals in need and help to raise money for animals to get vitally needed life saving surgeries and in return you get some pretty cool items for doing so.

As a pet lover myself I look at my beloved pet and think if I ever needed it I would want someone to reach out and help. Animals don’t have a voice to ask for help, we are the ones who need to represent and give it. Check out the link >>>>>

Paying it forward  is something that is not for bragging but how society should operate as we are on the topic of helping our fur creatures, lets help out our neighbors too. Yeah some of them are smelly or rude, even mean but what made them that way?

We need to help each other in every way not just for when its needed but even when its not.  A kind word or a seat given to those who need it on the bus goes far beyond any one amount of money as well. Or even taking that homeless man you see everyday on the sidewalk for a coffee and something to eat.

We must always be aware that if we were in that situation we would hope that someone would give this kindness to us.

Remember this today when your hustling an running around, it takes seconds to change someones day and possibly their lives and it doesn’t cost anything to say hello and smile at each other, goodness knows something like that will change someones mood in an instant or at least turn there attention to something else instead of the things they are dealing with. Be kind to everyone.





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