Don’t forget to fall

Sometimes we keep reaching and reaching seeming to never end and we don’t see that unexpected fall coming.

But in order to grow essentially in life we need to every so often to put things back into perspective. To realign our purpose slightly or modify our dreams.

If we never fail, how would we learn? How would we know what was the right way?

We would end up totally oblivious to the world around us and floating in our own bubble in life never really experiencing the full capacity of what life has to offer.

So the next time you feel down because you fall, in business in love or in life: remember that we are meant to learn something from it. We are meant to heal and find something better from it.

Who knows maybe it didn’t work out because the next best thing is about to happen in your life and you just don’t know it yet. Maybe the reason it didn’t work out with anyone else is because you are meant to be with the one who brings you up as a partner not complicates it.

Keep trying and Don’t forget to fall, it is what makes us stronger after all.


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