Learning is Never ending


Every time we try something new, we learn either the mistake or something that will benefit us for the future. Currently playing around on my Photoshop and learning new things as I go and new features recently downloaded. Here I am playing with a 3D image and shadowing and different alterations that can be made.

CS5 is not the newest version but it does have some wonderful things to offer still.

As a self taught artist and graphic designer the road has been an adventure. Whether you fall on these programs or not each step is a learning experience. SO all those who are interested but scared, don’t be!

I have learned so much from “happy Accidents” as my aspiring artist to one day be said. Bob Ross is one of the most popular retro artists because of the wonderful laid back approach he had with his paintings and his outlook on life.

A very positive man and kind hearted soul who never was quick to say oops, instead he said it was an adventure and something to do on our own, and no matter what it was always a good thing.

So us as artists should always try not to worry about being perfect, its about finishing it and loving it how YOU can do it! And the magical thing with art is that there is so many different kinds of art that it doesn’t matter whether you stay in between the lines so to speak. What matters is ourselves and how it makes us feel and how we discover something new every time we create something.

SO keep on creating, Keep on learning and Keep being you! Be positive that no matter what you and your art matters! So don’t let the critical audiences get to you because if you love it and it makes you happy and we learn something of ourselves and expand… then that is really all we need.




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