Drafting Table fund

Since I started this journey, I mean really focus with every fiber of my being,  I always knew I would if I kept strong and focused in my dreams that one day it would come true.

And now I am creating paintings for people, Illustrations and my own paintings.

BUT Today is unlike any other, Because I have the courage to ask for help to make my dream part of my reality and keep it going strong.

I am currently on Plumfund to get a drafting table that angles to hopefully get some relief from my Degenerative disk disease and Severe arthritis. I love painting pet portraits and other art creations, It is who I am. It is the essence of me. If I stopped it would be like not being able to breathe.

So in light of more onsets of chronic pain, I think it is time I upgraded from my kitchen table and get proper tools to make my job that is to make people smile one painting at a time, a little easier on the bones.

Check the link here to contribute what ever you can, every bit helps and my back thanks you too!  I will continue to paint and draw in the mean time carefully and slowly for my customers who make it all worth while!!!

Labs painting


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