Selling Art, Its not that hard

Selling art they say is the hardest things to sell, or is it?

Depending on your perspective it can be challenging but very rewarding. I found the best way to sell a piece of artwork is to trigger a emotion that people feel.

Being an artist who also paints custom pet portraits for people I gain a respect for those who are moved to tears when presented with there fur babies in paint. Thus making me believe that in order to provide something to the buyer we have to give them a movement in there hearts.

A painting is just a painting of an object or copy in a different form unless we are moved to paint a story in which triggers emotions in others who are having feelings at the time.

Whether its dark or sad or light and happy, each are from the heart of the artist and can thus unite each other as a bond or connection to the artist themselves and therefore invoke a sale.

Ultimately we as artists want to have someone also recognize where we are at the time we painted it also, which leaves us beaming because people can feel our pieces.

SO when painting remember that its not the price people are looking at they are really looking for a connection or fragment of there own life reflected in your paintings.

Painting to paint is one thing but painting from the heart moves people to buy your pieces.  Something to think about when you create your next piece.


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