Are you a considerate blogger?

This is a question that I often ask myself before I blog.
I find that there is a lot of people who want and have something important to say. Which is great!
But for some reason they feel the need to blog over and over and over in a short amount of time.. This is not so great.

With that being said does your blogs get read with this approach?
if your condensing the consumer in a short time with your blogs you’re overwhelming their network an ultimately the end result is someone will end up unfollowing you.

That’s the last thing that you want, and as a consumer and a reader of other blogs I find it more easy to digest if a blog is posted once or twice a day as opposed to every 5 minutes in a condensed hour and get a clutter of emails with notifications and ultimately the end result is that now I  am not reading what you have to say and not going to be following you any longer because you’re jamming up my system with your blogs. Not good.

So it’s really important to be thoughtful of the consumer who is reading your blogs we all have something important to say but the question is do you want the consumer to read your material? do you want them to be able to repost your information what you have to say? do you want them to stay a follower and recommend you to other people?
These are all questions that we have to consider before we blog or multi blog as I like to call it.
Being a conscientious and considerate blogger we all have to condense and make sure that what we have to say  has an impact, it’s thought provoking.
It needs to be unique to what you have to offer to consumers or customers ultimately they come to you because they like what they see.
If you show them examples of the things that you can do as a business that shows them what you’re capable of and that can be very good for the customer who is a potential for your business.
But again we have to remember that what you have to say has to have meaning and not just blog because there’s something to blog about.

On another topic with the same sentiment  I have that feeling with Twitter’s DM.  its being hugely abused with the direct messaging automated system.
Now for me I get so much coming in that I don’t have time to read all these automated systems and I find it annoying that every time I follow someone or follow them back that I get these automated systems coming up and that can be really a game changer  for the follower, but that’s another subject I may touch on another day.

But really if we want to have a great following I think the main point is be considerate.

You know blogs are awesome and if they are great then you don’t have to blog 10 times 20 times a day.

Your blogging should have the impact of those 20 times a day, just once or twice because the consumer will not feel bombarded or feel like its having the information jamming down its throat.

This is not Twitter.

However linking your blog to twitter is a great way to open up your consumer awareness for those who are following you!
It will have more opportunity to actually read the information that you were putting for us to read and ultimately we will recommend you or repost you, so that our followers will be able to see what your posting and that’s what the ultimate goal really is isn’t it?
We want to be heard and we want to have a great following and we want or if we’re in a business we want our customers to be able to get the proper information they need but not feel like they’re being smothered just like when you’re at a store and the sales clerk comes up to you and asks you if you’re OK.
90 percent of the time we are just coming in to look we’re not sure what we’re coming in to look for, we just want to look and when we’re ready we will ask you if you can help us.
So really it’s very important to consider that as someone who shops or has businesses who are trying to promote things to us try and remember how we feel when someone is trying to jam something down your throat. We don’t like it, and we all timidly run from it so let’s be a considerate blogger for everyone.

Thanks for reading.
@singleforlifey -Twitter

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