Negative Comments

This goes out to all the critics and snide comments concerning my art work, poetry

and or blog.

I am not here to wreck your day and tell you your work stinks, I am not here to laugh at your inspirations and break you down.

I am here to express myself in the way that I want to.

So whoever you are, if you don’t like my artwork or my blogs feel free to not read them because unlike yourself everyone is entitled to there opinions. 

Fact is that there is NOT going to be a rule on art, because art is just that. A expression of how they interpret the world and there perception on matters they themselves feel strongly about. Writing blogs? Anyone can write a blog and again how you decide if you like it or not is up to the individual. I am not here to win an award but simply inspire myself. And if you don’t feel that inspiration, hey then sorry about your luck buddy.

Let me just say that by making yourself anonymous you clearly are the weak one in this scenario. Hiding behind a computer or phone making comments because you feel the need to put someone else down. Sad. 

And here’s the kicker, I will not stop blogging I will not stop painting or sketching and I certianly will not give in to the likes of a small petty person who wants to bring me down because they themselves are failures in life and the very site of my art and positive energy stings there soul. I feel sorry for you, sad little person but not to worry I have already forgotten about it and am making my next painting, sketch, and poem as we speak… just to spite you all. 

So you can drink your coffee and read this… hopefully you don’t choke. <made a funny> 


And for those who love my paintings and poetry I thank you,

there are so many that make me feel wonderful!!! 

 you all have a most pleasant day!!  even the critics.. cause hey life is too short to worry about a negative person! 

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